ZeroNet's Meta Proxy

ZeroNet's Meta Proxy

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Sometimes ZeroNet proxies go down, so if you are linking to a ZeroNet site on social media, for example on your blog, Reddit, Facebook or Twitter that link will stop working when the proxy goes down. By using AceZeroProxy you can make a link that will work 100% of the time so you will not need to update your blog if the ZeroNet proxy you linked to goes down.

This site simply links to ZeroNet proxies for the link given, none of the proxies are not run by me so I reccomend that you only browse using them and don't log in as it is technically possible for the proxy to steal your login details (although that has never happened yet). I will not know the ZeroNet sites you visit however the ZeroNet proxy you use will.

How you can help
There are not that many ZeroNet proxies currently running, you could help out this site and others by running your own ZeroNet proxy and telling me about it via Twitter or Reddit.